Horizon Europe - Cluster 2 calls 2021 - virtual brokerage event

Horizon EU Cluster 2
Pillar 2
Cluster 2 - Culture, Creativity and Inclusive Society
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This international information-day event on July 1st will highlight research topics covered within the first calls for proposals in Cluster 2.  You can follow this infoday through this website.(https://www.horizon-europe-infodays2021.eu/event/cluster-2-culture-creativity-inclusive-society)

Participants will also have the possibility to join in a matchmaking event dedicated to the topics of the 2021 Cluster 2 calls for proposals on July 2nd. 

Don’t miss this opportunity and get yourself involved in brokerage meetings for an opportunity to meet potential partners to your proposals as well as discuss you involvement in proposals coordinated by other institutions. This event is organized jointly by the European Commission and Bridge2HE.

Register yourself and take advantage of the B2Match system to pre-arrange your bilateral meetings! If you plan to submit a proposal, you can also present it in a form of a pitch presentation.