Training on Horizon Europe proposal writing

Proposal writing in HE
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Key processes for proposals in Horizon Europe
Cross cutting elements within Horizon Europe
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This training will cover from a theoretical and practical approach the main elements of writing proposals under Horizon Europe, taking into account its main novelties and requirement.

This is a MUST training for the start of the programme, especially for stakeholders involved in collaborative projects.

Day 1:

  • 0:00 Introduction - Ji-Hyeon Kim Vanguers, NCP Brussels
  • 5:30 EU policies, priorities and expectations from R&I in terms of impact - Julien Guerrier, Director Common Policy Centre, DG RTD
  • 20:40 Key Impacts Pathway, policy aspects, key principles, policy & horizontal considerations in proposal writing - Angelica Marino, Policy Analyst European Commission –DG RTD
  • 42:50 Q&A Angelica Marino
  • 54:25 Novelties in evaluation, ethics and security reviews, process, admissibility, eligibility and quality criteria, interpretation of scores, evaluators, guidance to evaluators - Bénédicte Charbonnel, Programme Officer, DG RTD
  • 1:25:55 Q&A Bénédicte Charbonnel
  • 1:35:15 Coffee Break
  • 1:43:25 Impact section of application form: a case study - Alexandre Almeida, H2020 project beneficiary, SME Loba
  • 2:02:45 Q&A Alexandre Almeida
  • 2:05:20 Experience and recommendations - Mechthild Baumann, evaluation expert
  • 2:23:31 Closing

Day 2:

  • 00:00 Introduction – Chiara Pocaterra, Head of Project department, APRE
  • 1:07 Excellence in Horizon Europe proposal template – Chiara Pocaterra, Head of Project department, APRE
  • 42:07 Q&A Chiara Pocaterra
  • 45:30 Gender aspects Irene Creta, NCP for L&F, Health, Widening & European Research Area, APRE
  • 1:04:35 Q&A Irene Creta
  • 1:09:32 How to describe Open science and Open data in Horizon Europe proposal template – Elena Giglia, Open science expert, University of Turin
  • 1:36:32 Quality & efficiency of Implementation in Horizon Europe proposal template – Chiara Pocaterra, Head of Project department, APRE
  • 2:10:04 Q&A Chiara Pocaterra
  • 2:10:30 Experience and recommendations – Margot Bezzi, Senior project manager, APRE; EC independent expert
  • 2:30:03 Q&A Margot Bezzi
  • 2:34:18 Closing
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