From topic idea to proposal submission

From the idea to the proposal
National contact points
Key processes for proposals in Horizon Europe
Proposal preparation-submission-evaluation
Horizon Europe Programme
NCP Network
Horizon Europe Portal management

Overall goal: 
Understand the journey from call topic, developing a project idea, writing a proposal to submission within the Horizon Europe programme.

Content of this course:
How to develop a project idea: understand the call topic, develop a big project picture and a first “one page idea” of a proposal, how to find project partners

How to write proposals: we will have a look at the overall proposal template, and describe the different subchapters in more detail, adding Do’s and Don’ts wherever possible. We will also discuss the timing – when to start, how long the process of writing takes, etc.

Submission of proposal: we will briefly explain the submission process

Why this course?
A major part of an NCP’s job is to advice on project ideas and proposal writing. It is therefore important to know the basics on proposal writing, and to get some tools in hand how to support applicants (e.g. the idea check through a one page proposal).

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