Integrating Social Sciences and Humanities in Horizon Europe

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This information session is designed to provide Horizon Europe NCPs with information on the state of SSH Integration—the process of specifically including research and researchers from Social Sciences and Humanities disciplines in projects contributing solutions to pressing societal challenges—in the new European Framework Programme for Research and Innovation, “Horizon Europe”.

On the basis of a presentation by the European Commission, NCPs from all programming areas will learn about the most important aspects of SSH Integration and what they need to be aware of in relation to SSH Integration, to support applicants to Horizon Europe Calls in their research communities.


00:00 Welcome, introduction, and activation!

10:09 Presentation of the Bridge2HE project and future project information events

16:36 “SSH in Horizon Europe”

1:10:50 “The challenges of SSH collaboration with other sciences in the Horizon Europe Research Programme”

1:43:33 “Tools and Tips in support of SSH Integration in EU Research and Innovation Framework Programmes”

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