The Funding & Tenders Portal for beginners

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The Funding & Tenders Portal is the entry door to funding in the Horizon Europe program. It includes all the official information of the programme as well as the key official documents.

This training, organized by the Commission, allows participants to have a first understanding of the portal, how to navigate it and where to find the relevant information.


  1. 00:00 Introduction and profile of the audience, Peter Haertwich, (Head of Unit, RTD, CIC H.3)
  2. 10:34 A quick navigation demo, Agnes Hegyvarine Nagy (REA)
  3. 19:07 How to search for funding opportunities, Spyros Vazaloukas (DIGIT)
  4. 27:52 How to register an organisation, Giuseppe Amoruso (DIGIT)
  5. 37:35 How to prepare a proposal for a grant or procurement contract, Peter Haertwich, (Head of Unit RTD, CIC H.3)
  6. 53:06 Where to find funded projects and results, Tomasz Kaminski (DIGIT)
  7. 01:05:05 Horizon Results Platform, Georgios Lyssandrides (RTD, CIC)
  8. 01:19:25 How to become an Expert to evaluate proposals or to monitor the execution of projects, Tomasz Kaminski (DIGIT)
  9. 01:34:54 Person profile, a new feature, what is it and how to create it, Peter Haertwich, (Head of Unit, RTD, CIC H.3)
  10. 01:43:47 How to manage roles and access rights in the Portal, Oliver Marganne (RTD, CIC)
  11. 01:49:28 How to manage and secure your account, Els Peeters (DIGIT)
  12. 01:55:25 Where to find guidance and support, Emmanuel Crollen (RTD, CIC)
  13. 02:01:27 Q&A
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