Dissemination and communication in Horizon Europe

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Communication, Dissemination and Exploitation of results
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European Commission

In this session, the European Commission will present the new rules on communication, dissemination and exploitation activities within Horizon Europe.

The issue of Intellectual Property (IP) management in collaborative Horizon Europe projects will also be addressed together with the Horizon Results Platform and the Horizon Results Booster, two EC services to support you in your D&E activities and give more visibility to your research results.

Topics covered in the video recording:

  1. Introduction to the concepts of Communication, Dissemination & Exploitation
  2. Novelties on Dissemination & Exploitation under Horizon Europe
  3. IP strategy in Horizon Europe projects, including ROL and some background on standardisation
  4. IP Management in collaborative Horizon Europe projects
  5. Horizon Results Platform
  6. Horizon Results Booster
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